The beginner’s guide to establishing a brand and launching a portfolio/personal business website

Table of Contents

In this guide we will teach you – the creative professional, how to brand and create a business website for yourself, and also how you can create a website for free.

We will do so by walking you through the steps of choosing your domain, buying it, paying and connecting it with a hosting service or choosing a free platform that can work just as well (such as Medium or Behance for designers, and Codepen for developers.

In the bonus part of this guide you will also learn how to upload files to your site.

This guide will have:

  • NO complications: We’re not going to go into any advanced techniques, but just cover the basics. Enough for you to have your site up in no time.
  • NO B.S.: We promise not to mention any technical terms or name drop anything that we won’t explain
  • NO fluff: We really want you to get the gist of this thing called internet, and have the capabilities to create your own site without fear.

If you have any questions along the way

We would love to help you out personally with any question you might have! Please feel free to reach out via Twitter at @hackingUI or by email holla [AT]

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