For Product Managers and CEO’s, working with designers can be frustrating at times. We designers are a special kind of species. But if communication is right – and if both sides understand one another then the process of working together can be fulfilling and successful.

The following presentation discusses my take on the issue, and offers suggestions, tools and tips for working better with designers.

If you’re a CEO or Product Manager – I bet you’ll find this useful. If you’re a designer – you’re welcome to pass this on to your colleagues and clients.

Most importantly – if you got anything to add or any questions – list them down here in the comments.

* The following was presented at Google Campus TLV as part of  the Launchpad mentorship program for startups, and also at the latest Product Management meetup in TLV.

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Links from the presentation

Resources that CEO’s and PMs have to know:

– Hacker News
– Product Hunt

Galleries for design & UX inspiration and research:

– Use Your Interface
– Little Big Details
– Dribbble
– Behance
– Pinterest

Newsletters worth subscribing to:

– Our HackingUI newsletter (dah)
– DN – Designer News (like HN for designers – they have a weekly digest)
– Web tools weekly
– Hacker Newsletter

Other UX resources recommendations:

– SmashingMagUX

Tools I’ve used for time management (for working as/with a freelance):

– Freckle
– toggl (my favorite in terms of what you get for your money)
– google spreadsheets (screenshot of my own in the presentation itself)

Tools for collaborating and commenting on designs:

– Invision – this is my all time favorite. I use it on a daily basis with my colleagues.
– redpen – more minimalistic in terms of features. not as powerful as invision but also good for getting quick comments on designs.

Cover image: Screenshot of the amazing Ad made for Mercedes Benz by Shalmor Avnon Amichay/Y&R Interactive, Tel Aviv, Israel

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