This is the first ever HUI Site of the Week. Each week we will interview a designer or developer of a website that inspired us, in order to get a deeper understanding of the latest trends, techniques and technology of the web design world.

This week we chose Huge – a NY based Creative Agency. We were inspired by their current site & brand re-design process, and wanted to learn more.

So please welcome Michal Pasternak from Huge!

Hey Michal, so what were your goals in redesigning your site? The site has to make it super simple for people to contact Huge with new business inquiries, to apply for a job, to see our body of work, and to read the latest content we publish.

What was the main challenge when working on the site? For a design-led company whose work is well known, our challenge was to deliver an experience that would exceed our super high standards. We had to stay focused and apply all the things that we do for our clients to ourselves as well. As in all of our work, we tried to strike a balance between taking bold creative risks while maintaining simplicity and usability.

Where did you get your inspiration from, and what other sites influenced this site? The site is inspired by our previous sites, our brand, and by what we believe in. The site continues to express our belief in simplicity and in meeting user-needs, it is just updated to meet today’s user expectations and the opportunities that newer technologies provide us with.  There are too many other sites to list in terms of inspiration – we are always keeping an eye out for people who are pushing the envelope in digital.

Did you execute any UX processes before getting to the design? Yes, we followed through with sketching, wireframing and  prototyping our wireframes before the design. We conducted interviews with key stakeholders and clients, reviewed the analytics on the existing site, and developed a clear set of user-needs. From there we went straight into sketching and prototyping the site.

Did any designers do any of the coding for this website? Yes. We prototyped a lot of the transitions and key interactions. Especially the homepage and navigation. Most of the production code was done by our front end team but they used some of the prototype code where it made sense.

What tools have you used to design this website? Hand drawn sketches, Photoshop, and Illustrator.

What was the segmentation of the team in making? We had people from every team at Huge: Product design & UX, visual design, strategy, project management, front end & back end engineering and system operations.

What are you most proud of about this site? We are most proud of the step forward this represents for our company.  We have grown and evolved quickly and our old website didn’t fully reflect us any more.  We now have a bold yet simple platform to connect with our audiences and to share our newest work and ideas.  It tells our story in the way we’d like it to be told.

Have you conducted any user testing when working on this project? Yes, we tested the site with clients and with staff prior to launching and since launching. In addition to lots of usability fixes, the most useful feedback was from our clients.  They really encouraged us to take some of the bigger risks and validated that we were heading in the right direction creatively with elements like the “H”.

What collaboration tools have you used to work on this with you team? Jira and Google Docs.

Anything else (stories/tips/lessons learned) you’d like to share with the readers about your site? Our site is a work in progress. We believe that launch is just the beginning – there is a lot of work to be done and we are excited to do it.  Now we’ll look at analytics, conduct more testing, and continue to enhance and improve the experience.

Thanks a lot Michal!

Check out the Huge site, and let us know what you think. If you have any more questions for Michal or the rest of the Huge team you can post them in the comments below.

Team credits:

Wes HatchJens WachtelKarl StantonGreg RatnerPeter Nealon, Jean Victor, Sohel Siddique, Sadie Pak, Philip Fisher, Jon JacksonCasey Sheehan Thadeu MorgardoMegan ManFrancesco BertelliStefanie PitaroChris HubanRoss ProulxJose GuizarJustin LaFontaineJason TiernanMatt Lawrence Perry Blackshear, Laura Ambrose, Sam Chung, Bryant JowJae SalavarrietaKate PerkinsHannah PoferlAndrew DelamarterSam Weston, Elba Rosario, Zane HartTom O’ReillyAmaani Hamid