The Hacking Network

The Hacking Network is a network of newsletters that reach a global community of 1.3M industry-leading design and front-end development professionals.

Who we are?

The Hacking Network is led and managed by Hacking UI, an online community of digital product designers, front-end developers, and creative entrepreneurs co-founded by David Tintner (Developer) and Sagi Shrieber (Designer).

Unlike most individual newsletter publishers, we have a dedicated team to provide high-end customer service for our sponsors and remove the hassle from high-reach campaigns to design professionals.

Why Newsletters?

At Hacking UI we believe that email newsletters are the most effective way to reach our audience on a consistent basis. Newsletters provide us the invaluable opportunity to engage directly with our audience in their inbox. Engagement in our newsletters is exponentially higher than through other marketing channels and has been the cornerstone of our success in building this community since 2013.

However, this community is so strong because of the trust that we’ve built up throughout several years of providing high-quality, valuable content to our audience. We value our audience’s trust above all else. Therefore our newsletters only work with sponsors who offer high-end products and services that fit our audience’s needs.

How the Network Works

The Hacking Network is made up of hand-picked newsletters that match our standards of content quality. We won’t place an ad in a Newsletter that we wouldn’t read ourselves.

1. Understand your goals

We work with you to understand the messaging that you would like to use for your advertisement, as well as your goals and restrictions.

2. Create custom ads that fit

We use the agreed-upon messaging to create seamless, in-context ads for each newsletter in our network that fit the style of the individual newsletter, speak directly to its specific niche audience and meet its content criteria.

3. Place ads in newsletters

We schedule the ads to run in each newsletter at their regular send times. You pick the number of subscribers you want to reach we handle the rest.

4. Reporting and analysis

You receive a detailed report with the breakdown of the campaign, and we work with you to understand what worked best and how to optimize and improve it.

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If you are interested in reaching our audience, please reach out to us for more details.
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