Hey all,
Thank you so much to everyone who participated and provided their input in the 2016 Design Tools Survey that we put together with General Assembly.
We had an astounding 1,184 responses!

We’ve officially closed the survey and have all of the data now.

View the Report

We analyzed the results of the survey and we found a lot of interesting anecdotes.

We have brought in business analyst Eliran Zagbiv, to help us analyze the results and dig deep to bring you the full report.

View the Full Report

The raw results, for your own use

As we mentioned before, we are sharing this data freely, back to the community, so we can all understand the state of the industry.

So here it is – the raw survey responses spreadsheet. As-is. For you to use for whatever you’d like:
View the Results (Google Spreadsheet) →

Thank you, General Assembly

We’d also like to say thanks to our sponsor, General Assembly. If you’re interested in learning to code, they have an awesome free course that you can get started with today.


Learn to code with this awesome project by General Assembly