After months of anticipation, Abstract app is finally released and our life as designers and product people are going to get much better. Git for designers... is here!
We've partnered with Udemy, a global marketplace for learning and teaching online, to create this survey to better understand the state of the industry and get a clearer picture of what people working in tech want to learn about.
Coming up on Wednesday June 7th, 1pm EST: Virtual embodiment has been an exotic research topic for years, propelling neuroscientists to study the mechanisms behind successful body illusions in the lab. Now, with the rise of VR experiences, their findings are more relevant than ever. It’s time to take these findings out of the lab and introduce them to our UX and design workflows. Enabling us to create compelling immersive experiences, a convincing embodiment in a virtual avatar is a desirable goal to aim for, yet a powerful state we should consider with care.
Coming up on Monday April 24, 4pm EST: Christian Heilmann, HTML5/Open Web Evangelist at Microsoft, will talk to us about using machine learning to build interfaces that help humans do the tasks they came for.