Results & Analysis of The 2017 Tech Education Survey

The results of our 2017 Tech Education Survey are now live.

In this survey, we wanted to understand what designers and developers want to learn about, what is worth investing time in learning, and how much time you should be investing in your professional development.

We (David & Sagi) have both personally felt the stress of needing to learn new skills and push ourselves to be “unicorns” or “full stack”.

In the report we created from the survey results we attempt to give some clarity on what you should learn next and how much you should give in to that pressure.

We’d love to hear your thoughts. We started a discussion about this in the Hacking UI facebook group, and if you’d like to join in then leave a comment on this post with what you think is the most important skill to learn next for you to advance in your career.

So here it is – and may it be useful for your future endeavors.

See the detailed report →

Thank you Udemy!

We’d like to thank our partner, Udemy, for sponsoring the survey. Udemy was the perfect partner for this because they have TONS of online courses on every subject imaginable.

They also hooked it up with a sweet deal. If you would like to begin learning, you can use the code: HACKING2017 to get any Udemy course for only $15.

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