We are very happy to present to you a very special kit made with love for Product Managers, UX architects and any entrepreneurs looking to create wireframes with… Powerpoint!

For anyone who is more familiar with Powerpoint and has some experience with it creating decks, this kit can be a great help to communicate your vision in the form of basic wireframes.

This kit is brought to you by Tal Florentin a 2014 UX Award winner, currently CEO at UXVision and founder of “UXV Certified” which is Israel’s top UX course. Tal is also working on some very cool projects like UX Hero and more.

Tal – What is this kit and how should people to use it?

With the experience of working on more than 120 UX design projects, I felt that something in the middle of the process was missing. After completing the initial research phase and sketching an idea of where we are going with the project, heading to the wireframes stage was too quick.

Diving into wireframes made us lose the overall picture and get into details, before having the overall flow covered. This is how Macro Layouts™ were born.

Allowing us to get a detailed idea of the process, before diving into details, and make sure the product manager or customer really knows what he is looking for, without wasting our time. Get to know more about Macro Layouts here, and enjoy your Micro Layouts kit.

What’s Macro Layouts?

We are using graphic elements that provide a good view about the planned layout.

Each layout is based on tens of websites and pages we’ve been looking at. Don’t add real images or texts. Leave things as they are, since Micro Layouts are used in order to look at the bigger picture – map the project’s components, plan the navigation model and make sure the scope is set and nothing is missing.

Legal stuff

We invested TONS of time creating this kit for you. So we do not allow you to use any of the elements in this kit as sellable products. Besides that, feel free to do whatever makes you happy. Knowing you are happy makes us happy as well. Be a friend and if you like the kit, please don’t send it to someone else as a source file. Share it by sending your friends to this link. This will help us keep going and providing you with more awesome free resources.