We are super excited to finally share with you the following items that we’ve been working on for the past couple months!

We’ve been working alongside the amazing Adoric team to bring you this set of over 2100 high quality vector icons that have been carefully crafted and split to all the relevant categories of user interface design.

Go to icon54.com →

Finally – a searchable icon pack for sketch

Icon54 is brought to you with a file for use with the wonderful app iconjar which we work with (also in Similarweb). I bet a lot of you out there use it too, so check it out: The iconjar file is fully labeled and tagged, meaning you can search for icons by name or connotation!

Perfect icons for any design team

These icons are based around our own needs for our own design team, and even some fun categories (hey, who wouldn’t want that Steve Jobs icon, right?).
As you might know David and I were at Similarweb Chloe work team of six designers in all of us need icons all the time so we know what a lot of you out there need as well

So what are you waiting for?

Head on over to icon54.com and go get some icons!

Go to icon54.com →