After the crazy success of our two meetups last year in NY and San Fran, we’ve been wracking our brains trying to think of ways to facilitate more in-person meetups and offline gatherings.

Several sleepless nights later, we figured it out: a Slack group for all things related to design conferences.

To make this group as effective as possible, we wanted to find someone who knows everything there is to know about design conferences. Someone really awesome too, who has 10 years of experience running the best conferences for designers and front-end developers in the world. 

So, we’ve joined forces with the original masters of the design conference, An Event Apart.

They’ll be helping us lead discussions in the group on everything from the best conferences to attend and the best things to do in those cities, to finding ways to meet up with other attendees and sharing feedback during the actual events. In the future, they’ll also be hosting Q&A sessions with conference speakers. And if you’re bummed that you can’t attend that next killer conference, you can enjoy the next best thing by following along at your desk. 

To make this group even sweeter, An Event Apart is going to start things off by giving away 2 free tickets to their next conference, on March 14-16 in Nashville. All you have to do to enter is go into the #AnEventApart channel and introduce yourself to the group. Write your name, where you live and what you currently do (ie. product designer, UX researcher, developer, etc.).

Join us on Slack

We’ll announce the winners in the Slack channel next week.

Sagi & David

About David Tintner

David is the developer half of Hacking UI. He is also the CEO of ThoughtLeaders, a company that helps content creators and curators to spread their ideas. Previously he was a co-founder of Tapdog (acq. 2013). He also worked as a senior front-end developer and team leader at SimilarWeb. When he's not cranking out lines of CSS or testing out new JavaScript frameworks, David enjoys reading, traveling, and music and arts festivals. He lives in Tel Aviv and if you're ever in the neighborhood be sure to say hi.