You have all waited a long time, but here we are finally ready to announce the 20 Pixel Dribbble contest winners from HackingUI!

The winners 

  • Tedford Chan
  • Marco Baldessari
  • Radomir Bednar
  • Flavia Calandria
  • Davik Koltai
  • Assaf Yogev
  • Nelu Cebotari
  • Corentin Foucher
  • Adrián Morán 
  • Andrea Montini
  • Hermes Renato Fonseca
  • Gediminas Vasilevskis
  • Nelson Noa
  • Gideon Caspi
  • Anuja Kanani
  • Yuan Liu
  • Daley Peter Maasz
  • Alexey Matyushkin
  • Nadav Hauptman
  • Josef Zimanzl
  • Łukasz Golik
  • Sarah Maurer

The winners’ designs, along with some of the other designs that took part in this competition, will be printed and displayed in the exhibition.

The Exhibition

We are thrilled to say that we have teamed up with SimilarWeb in creating the Pixel Dribbble exhibition event!

The date set for the event has been set to May 20th. 
The event will take place in Tel Aviv and is planned to include the exhibition as well as professional lectures, giveaways, lots of alcohol and food and of course the declaration of the winners. So stay tuned!

For any details on the event if you plan to visit us in Israel – let us know at holla [at]