How to Create a Responsive Landing Page with Sketch – Launchpad 101

Could you believe such a day would come, when you would be able to deploy a website from within Sketch? Well, yes, that day has come sooner than expected! On this tutorial we’ll make a simple landing page using the plugin. In this quick tutorial we will: 🙋 Create a hero image 📱Design artboards for Mobile, Tablet […]

The 5 step guide to convert any webpage into Sketch

When I first moved to Sketch I was looking for a way to migrate all my recent PSD’s to it, but an extensive Google search lead to no results. Today, two years later – there is still no product that does this.

How to make a Sketch plugin without knowing code

This weekend I made the Sketch Any Icon Fetcher plugin. A plugin that with a simple shortcut can fetch you ANY favicon, iOS app icon (from the App Store) or Android app icon (from Google Play). In this post I will share how I did it, what I learned in the process of doing so, […]

A Year Using Sketch – An Honest Review

A year ago I made a big move, and switched to using Sketch as my primary design tool instead of photoshop. When I wrote my article about moving to Sketch it received tons of feedback and you could say it went pretty viral. Some comments were supportive, and some were very disparaging. I remember one […]

Customizing Sketch for design (plugins, shortcuts, and more)

I would like to call myself a Power user of Sketch (also of Alfred,  Chrome, and others but that’s a different story). In the following article I will write on how you can make Sketch more personal and fitting for your own workflow, and also share my shortcuts and customizations.