Master Class #1: This is Our New Robot, He’s Here to Replace You ( w/ Matty Mariansky)

Why is it a good idea to talk to machines? Are mobile apps on the verge of a massive churn? What’s the long game for chat bots and where is this industry heading?

These are just a few of the interesting topics Matty Mariansky, co-founder of Meekan, talked about in this fascinating presentation.

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From the talk

“When Jeff Bezos, CEO of Amazon, was interviewed by Wired Magazine in 1999, he said that the greatest breakthrough he expected was “Windows Instant On.” Bezos understood that there were many distractions that could prevent a person from making a purchase before the time needed to start a computer and a browser elapses. Based on Bezos’s vision, it’s no wonder that in 2016, Amazon Echo was introduced to the world.” –Tweet This

“Chatbots can combine the functionality of several apps such as the travel, weather, and traffic apps into one same interface with one single human interaction needed – language.” – Tweet This

“When you Google ‘What should I eat right now?’ you get around forty pages of results. When you ask a bot the same question, you expect a single perfect answer including the prior knowledge as to whether you are a vegetarian or not, and whether if by going out to eat you’ll be late to your next meeting.” – Tweet This

Matty Mariansky


Matty Mariansky is an expert on bots and conversational design, lecturing all over the world. In this talk Matty will discuss why it’s a good idea to talk to machines, why he thinks mobile apps are going down, and give a behind the scenes look at conversational design. He’ll also discuss what’s the long game for chat bots, and where the industry is heading.

You can find Matty on Twitter and we recommend you follow his medium publication: Building the robot assistant, The Journey to create the digital office manager.

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