Freebie: SimilarWeb Data Viz Elements (Sketch, SVG +EPS)

The following UI kit freebie consists of of Data Visualization elements that I made during the last few months at SimilarWeb. Since the Sketch community gave me so much up to now, I decided to give a bit of love back.

Here’s what you’ll find in this Freebie UI Kit (in Sketch format and SVG+EPS exports):

Free Data Visualization Elements (Sketch, SVG +EPS)

Download the kit

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Terms of Use

1) You’re welcome to download this UI Kit Freebie and use it for both personal and commercial purposes.

2) Do not sell this kit or share it claiming it was your own

3) When sharing this freebie I ask that you’ll link back to this page or to the dribbble shot.

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– Sagi

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