Introducing: The Hacking UI Master Class Series

On Wednesday we kick off The Master Class, a free series of lectures by experts in design, development, and technology.

Our goal is to help you step outside of your comfort zone and expand your knowledge in areas that most professionals don’t get to touch upon in their day-to-day work. We are also pumped to learn about the newest, most cutting-edge topics and ask the questions we’ve been dying to find out.

Our first lecture is about chat bots, and future talks will cover topics such as virtual reality, artificial intelligence, drones, self-driving cars, and more. The series is 100% free and anyone can join and watch. So if learning from experts and getting a deeper look at the hottest topics sounds like something you’d enjoy, then join us Wednesday at 1 pm EST for the first master class.

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Watch From Anywhere

These types of talks are usually only available at a physical conference, however, we are going to broadcast them live and for free over CrowdCast, so that you can access them from anywhere in the world. If you can’t attend to watch it live but sign up now, you can access the video recording after it ends.

Another cool thing about this series is that you can ask your own questions to the speaker. Just sign up on the event page and post your question or upvote another question that you’d like to see answered.

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The Perfect Partner for This Event

It’s important to mention that this event would not be possible without the help of our sponsor, An Event Apart. An Event Apart was the ideal partner for us to host this live, digital event because they are already hosting the best physical conferences for designers and developers in the world.

If you like The Master Class talks, then you’ll have a great time at an Event Apart event. There are six events across the US in 2017. We know it’s a big investment, but these conferences are incredible. To help the cost we have a $100 discount with the code AEAHACKING.

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Talk #1: This is Our New Robot, He’s Here to Replace You

Wednesday, January 18 @ 1 pm Eastern Time
With Matty Mariansky, co-founder of Meekan

Matty Mariansky is an expert on bots and conversational design. In this talk Matty will discuss why it’s a good idea to talk to machines, why he thinks mobile apps are going down, and give a behind the scenes look at conversational design. He’ll also discuss what’s the long game for chat bots, and where the industry is heading.

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Each month we’ll be bringing in a new speaker and hosting a talk on a new topic. So stay tuned for more information and to learn about the upcoming schedule.

See you Wednesday!

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