We’re giving out 20 invites to Dribbble, come and get yours

Dribbble invites are hard to come by, so we teamed up with some of Israel’s top designers to give away 20 of them.
But that’s not all… This contest will not stay on-screen. Read on for details.

**Update: The competition is over – winners will be announced soon! Stay tuned!

The important links

the Gallery of submitted designs

Read the official Terms
and Conditions sheet for this contest (for those who participated)

Now, what’s this contest about?

The story of Pixel Dribbble

As some of you might know, I (Sagi) am also the owner of a local design blog in
Israel called Pixel Perfect

2 years ago I carried out a Dribbble contest in Israel, which culminated in a UI
exhibition for designers, where we displayed the top 100 submissions. More than 400 designers, developers,
entrepreneurs and others from the tech community attended the event in Tel Aviv.

A 2nd Pixel Dribbble contest
just started, and this time I decided to open it up to the whole world.

What does that mean?

means that now the contest will be open to all HUI readers and the worldwide community. We at HackingUI, along with
top Israeli Designers, are giving away 20 invites, and selected works will be curated, printed out and displayed in
this exhibition.

Wait – 20 invites to Dribbble? 

Yes! 20!
We gathered invites from some of
Israel’s top designers, who will also be judging the competition. In addition, this year Dribbble is officially
sponsoring the exhibition (along with some more great companies).

How do I enter?

Follow these guidelines

1. Upload your
design in one of the following formats:

  • JPG or PNG 800px(w)x600px(h), 72 DPI, maximum of 3mb
  • MP4 800px(w)x600px(h) maximum of up to 10mb *
  • Animated GIF 800px(w)x600px(h) or even 400x300px, maximum of only 1mb *

2. Upload the same design in
a print-ready version (in case your design is picked for the exhibition):

  • PDF or JPG, 150mm(w)x150mm(h), 300 DPI, maximum of 7mb

* If you submit a GIF or MP4 please submit a crop of it for the print-ready version.

Save the two shots under your name, and with the appropriate suffix to each of them – 72 or 300. For example if I (Sagi) submit my design to the competition, I will call my designs SagiShrieber72, and SagiShrieber300.
For inspiration: We recommend to check out some Popular Shots on
. Only work which meets our minimum standards will be entered into the competition and appear on the gallery

Each candidate can enter a
maximum of 3 different designs
to the competition.

The links

Submit your designs here →

the Gallery of submitted designs

Read the official Terms
and Conditions sheet for this contest


The deadline to submitting designs for this contest is February 16th,
The winners will be announced in the opening event of the exhibition.

Who are the Judges?

Here is the full list of designers who will judge in this competition:

Noam Liss – Editor at
Pixel Perfect Magazine, Product designer at SimilarWeb.

(Dribbble | Portfolio | Twitter | LinkedIn )

Joni Hamanie – Editor at Pixel Perfect Magazine, UX Designer.

(Dribbble | Portfolio | Twitter | LinkedIn )

Gal Sinay – Editor at Pixel Perfect Magazine, Product Designer at IBM.

(Dribbble | Portfolio | Behance | LinkedIn )

Eyal Zuri – UI/UX Designer, founder of the popular Muzli chrome extension
for designers.

(Dribbble | Portfolio | Twitter | LinkedIn )

Rotem Elimelech – Freelance UX Designer, Founder of popular Israeli design community Creatives.co.il.

(Dribbble | Portfolio | LinkedIn )

Oz Pinhas – Product Designer at BillGuard.

(Dribbble | Portfolio | LinkedIn )

Roy Reuveni – Head of Product Design at Fiverr.

(Dribbble | Portfolio | Twitter | LinkedIn )

Dror Cohen – UI/UX Specialist Designer.

(Dribbble | Portfolio | Twitter | LinkedIn )

Nadav Rikover – UX Specialist & Visual designer at Rikover Design studio.

(Dribbble | Portfolio | Twitter | LinkedIn )

Idan Shani – Designer \ illustrator \ independent animator
+ Product Designer at Otonomic.

(Dribbble | Portfolio | Flickr | Vimeo | LinkedIn )

Lia Dolev – Designer UI / UX Designer UX independent and A startup WhoDoYou.

Dribl | Portfolio | Flickr | LinkedIn

Idan Segev – Designer, Lecturer at Shenkar Design College, Creative Director at NGsoft.

Dribbble | Twitter | LinkedIn

Keren Rijensky – Editor at Pixel Perfect Magazine, Product Designer at Webzai.

Dribbble | Portfolio | LinkedIn

Yours Truly (Sagi Shrieber)  – Co-founder of
HackingUI, Founder of Israeli Pixel Perfect Magazine, Head of Product Design & UX at SimilarWeb. Mentor
of startups at Google Campus.

(Dribbble | Portfolio | Twitter | LinkedIn )

The Exhibition

Selected works out of all submissions will be chosen and printed out. The
Exhibition will happen in mid-late February in Tel Aviv, Israel. The exact date will be announced soon. The winners
will be announced on the day of the event and will be notified personally.
Here are some pics from the
exhibition of the last Pixel Dribbble Contest from 2013:

post-inage (1)

0002_IMG_3770 (1)

0006_DSC_7933 (1)0009_DSC_78680008_DSC_7880 (1)

Sponsors for Pixel Dribbble

Just before we finish – we would like to thank our sponsors for this contest and exhibition:

Invision – the world’s leading tool for
design and prototyping for designers

SimilarWeb – the ultimate tool Marketing and business teams to crack marketing strategy, online companies

 – The world’s first UX Comics

CodersClan – Get your code tasks done. CodersClan is an online crowd-sourced platform that solves developers’ difficult and time consuming code problems.

For the exhibition we have also Dribbble and Shopify as sponsors.

Still here?

Have questions? Write them here in the comments.

Ready to go? So start creating your shots and good luck in the competition!

Here are the links again in case you missed them:

Submit your designs here →

the Gallery of submitted designs

Read the official Terms
and Conditions sheet for this contest

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