Master Class #5: Why we should care about avatar embodiment in VR (w/ Ayelet Batist)

Virtual embodiment has been an exotic research topic for years, propelling neuroscientists to study the mechanisms behind successful body illusions in the lab.

Now, with the rise of VR experiences, their findings are more relevant than ever. It’s time to take these findings out of the lab and introduce them to our UX and design workflows. Enabling us to create compelling immersive experiences, a convincing embodiment in a virtual avatar is a desirable goal to aim for, yet a powerful state we should consider with care.

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Ayelet Batist

Ayelet Batist

Ayelet Batist is a creative leader and a UX consultant and mentor.

Combining her varied expertise in crafting digital products, from branding and strategic product design to coding and UX & UI design, she founded and has managed the creative team at Lightricks over the past 3.5 years, designing Appstore leading mobile apps. She is the founder of an events series that encourages designers and developers to assist NGOs with achieving amplified digital presence.  Ayelet is passionate about Esthetics, Human Cognition, and Digital Experiences and she’s is on the constant lookout for practices that combine all three.

You can find Ayelet on her website, and on Linkedin.

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