This week on Friday Inspiration:  Good design changing the world, A graffiti experience like no other, the nuts and bolts of the Google search engine, and more.

We know that it can be tough to keep the creative juices flowing, especially at the end of the week. That’s what this corner is all about. Here’s seven websites we stumbled upon in the past week to give you a burst of inspiration to and help you power through to the weekend.

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Google Zeitgeist 2013

Google Zeitgeist 2013 – What we searched for this year

Big Spaceship

Big Spaceship digital agency – beautiful bleeding video entrance

How Search Works

How Search Works – Google parallax site with excellent vector icons

Wip Messenger

Wip Messenger – simple and cute illustrations

Graffiti General

Graffiti General – cutting edge first person 3d experience

Jack Daniels

Jack Daniels – merry Christmas to the whiskey lovers out there with this animated exploration

Names for Change

Names for Change – Changing the concept of donation with this stunning design

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