I was invited to speak in a magnificent conference in Kiev that took place on the 17th of September 2016.

The talk I gave there was called “Start Building Your Personal Brand” and I wanted to share it with you here.

The slides

Start working on your personal brand from Sagi Shrieber
Have you been to my talk at ITWeekend? I would love to hear your feedback! Can I ask for a moment of your time to to answer a few questions?

What is this presentation all about?

This talk is all about how you can put yourself out there and start building your personal brand as a side project.

In my case – that’s what made me eventually leave my day job.

While working on Hacking UI, David & I created a methodology which we call “Audience Driven Product Development”. I talked about this in my presentation, and provided some helpful tips regarding putting out content and setting the actual time for doing so.

Then in the second part of the talk, you’ll find some practical techniques and tips for writing your first blog post. If you’ve already written -you will have some new tools that will boost your productivity when writing articles on the web!

Links from the talk

Some pics and vids from the event

At the end of my talk yesterday I was asked “But how do you start growing an audience when you’re just beginning to write and you still don’t have any audience to begin with?” Here’s my answer. #personalbranding #sideprojects #itweekend #design #conference #hackingui

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Preparing for my talk at ITWeekend #Ukraine #excited #beautifulplace #conference #sideprojects
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