Join The New year’s Portfolio challenge

We’re excited to share that we have teamed up with .design domains to bring to you The New Year’s Portfolio Challenge!

This is a 1-month challenge that we want you all to participate in.

To incentivize you, we’re giving you a free .design domain name to build your site on!

The best decision we ever made

In 2012, we had a problem. So like any good entrepreneur (or lazy designer and developer) should do, we decided to solve our problem. If we had someone back then who knew and could have given us tested and proven advice, we would have prevented some of those mistakes. We would have been able to achieve our dream infinitely faster. Our dream that had so nearly slipped out of reach finally became a reality, and now we want to help you do that too.

How to build side projects and not fail

When it comes to side projects, I practice and firmly believe in a philosophy that Sagi and I have called audience driven product development. This is an idea that we formulated after seeing how successful entrepreneurs such as Jeffrey Zeldman, Paul Jarvis and Tobias van Schneider built incredible personal brands. We’ve also watched closely as companies such as Intercom and Buffer implement this approach.

My birthday present to myself: a 30-day commitment to writing, and the method to make sure I follow through

Today’s my birthday, and this year I’m giving myself a present. I’m giving myself the time to write. I’m going to prioritize it, block out the time in my schedule and actually take writing seriously. But that’s pretty vague. I’ve tried to do that before, and I failed miserably. So this time I’m going one step farther. I’m committing to publish a new article every day, for 30 days straight.

Start building your personal Brand (from my talk at ITWeekend in Kiev)

I was invited to speak in a magnificent conference in Kiev that took place on the 17th of September 2016. The talk I gave there was called “Start Building Your Personal Brand” and I wanted to share it with you here. The slides Start working on your personal brand from Sagi Shrieber Have you been […]