Master Class #3: How personal AI revolutionized our digital experience (w/ Ori Shaashua)

In this class we talked to Ori on why we need to stop crafting the UX of our apps around clocks. We also got instant & actionable tips to get started integrating AI into our apps today (even if we’re not crazy talented machine learning developers).

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The Hacking UI Master Class

The Hacking UI Master Class is a monthly series of conversations and lectures with experts in design, development, and technology, in which the experts discuss emerging technology and new ideas.

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Ori Shaashua

Ori Shaashua is the Co-founder & VP Product at Neura

Ori has 15 years of experience in product development management and design encompassing the entire chain of development from inception to market. Ori’s focus and experience revolves around smartphone enabled devices and user experience, providing services to numerous companies and start-ups.

You can find Ori on Linkedin, or on the Neura website.

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So, see you at the session?


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