Bob Baxley (former Apple, Yahoo, Pinterest) on creating powerful design leadership

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Episode #8: Bob Baxley

In this week’s episode we had the privilege to talk with Bob Baxley, who is a design executive and has been managing designers for years. Bob has worked at some marquee companies including the likes of Yahoo, Pinterest, and Apple. More recently, Bob has joined Carrot Sense, a start up company in the medical industry, and will be heading up the team in product design.

In this interview Bob shares with us what it takes to create powerful design leadership and how to navigate the different workplaces cultures in today’s top tech companies.

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Key points from this episode:

  • Learn how the power of strong management and leadership can drive company’s growth as everyone is moving in a unified direction.
  • Understand how most Silicon Valley startups are taking a Google approach to business, effectively creating “miniature Googles” everywhere.
  • Mother Nature is a phenomenal innovative entity. What lessons can we learn from her when it comes to successful business structures?
  • How does focusing in on product detail with a fine toothed comb allow for ultimate user product satisfaction? Learn what it means to put your “Steve goggles” on.
  • Find out exactly what kind of workplace culture Bob recommends if he were to start out a new design company today.
  • Understand how employee engagement is the true factor of measuring fulfillment and happiness at a company, and why this is important for your team.
  • How can a 360 degree feedback review give you insight into your management and communication skills? Learn how this can transform your team.

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