Jon Lax from Facebook on the Teehan + Lax story, and useful tips for design managers

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Episode #10: Jon Lax

This week we were fortunate enough to meet face to face with Jon Lax, Director of Product Design at Facebook.

Prior to joining Facebook, from 2002 to 2015, Jon was the co-founder and CEO of the legendary Toronto design studio, Teehan+Lax, which has since been acquired by Facebook.

In this insightful and brutally honest conversation, Jon shares the lessons he learned while scaling Teehan+Lax to almost 50 employees. We also talked about his personal story and his partnership with Geoff Teehan. He also shared with us the questions that he asks every designer at Facebook and some tips for aspiring design managers.

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Key points from this episode:

  • What does it take to not only be a great designer, but how can you create the conditions in which others can do it as well.
  • How do different skill sets help to make a design team work? What is it about the diversity the enables a successful partnership?
  • Why, as a designer, should you change your mindset from thinking you can convince others to believe things the way that you do, to have your belief system.
  • Understand why for Teehan+Lax, trying to compete on quality of design in a client driven environment was actually useless.
  • Corporate values for your business can make a great impact on how you operate your company.
  • What does it mean to grow organically, and find out the different company growth levels that Jon experienced as they were scaling Teehan+Lax.
  • Jon explains some of the pros and cons of flat organizational structures and why not having titles can hinder employees from understanding their personal growth.
  • Learn why it is okay not to manage once you move up the career ladder, and the skill sets you need to develop if management is an option for you.
  • Find out what three questions Jon asks designers when creating products for consumers.
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