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After months of anticipation, Abstract app is finally released and our life as designers and product people are going to get much better. Git for designers... is here!
We've partnered with Udemy, a global marketplace for learning and teaching online, to create this survey to better understand the state of the industry and get a clearer picture of what people working in tech want to learn about.


We are super excited to have with us today the inspiring Ran Segall - a full stack designer, a creator, and a vlogger. Ran started out as a designer, working with startups to create great products & brands. For the past 5 years, his been freelancing with 3-5 clients at any given time, and also, he's been sharing his journey on his youtube channel called Flux and has over 40,000 followers. He believes in constant learning and sharing knowledge, was running the Nu-School - which was an online hub for people to learn freelancing and design, and later on, he built a product company called Prospero - a service for freelancers to create online proposals. In this episode, Ran shared his amazing insights and knowledge on freelancing, value-based pricing, learning new skills, networking, putting yourself out there, achieving your goals and aiming higher.
We are thrilled to have with us today the amazing David Kadavy - Bestselling author of The Heart to Start & Design For Hackers, a creative entrepreneur, and host of Love your Work Podcast. David started out as a curious web designer, working with startups and freelancing, he wanted to figure out a way to design smarter, for code, so he wrote about it in order to learn, and that eventually got him to write Design for Hackers and teaching others along the way. In this episode, David shared his inspiring perspectives and insights on self-publishing, connecting with our curiosity, creative resistance, forming habits and setting priorities for our goals. Wheather you're a creative, entrepreneur, marketer or just starting out - this episode will give you tons of value and knowledge to reach your goals.
It is our pleasure to present to you the inspiring Yasmine Evjen (that's ev-Yan) - Design Advocate at Google, a storyteller and (previously) a Co-host at Material Podcast - a podcast all about Google and Android. Yasmine started out as a front-end developer and a web designer, doing freelance work, working in agencies that allowed her to work in startups. That led her to turn to interaction design, and eventually evolving into UX design and Product Design. Little did she know back then, that her passion for Android and Material Design will eventually get her the perfect role for her - A Design Advocate at Google. In this episode, Yasmine shared her interesting story and inspiring insights, whether you're starting out or not, this episode will give you tons of value.

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